Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wrachel Rites (Day 9: Pittsburgh Limericks)

Limerick #1 (The Sinkhole in Lawrenceville)

While driving my car 'round in Pittsburgh,
A hole in the road had been split. Birds
flew away when I said it,
(I guess I regret it).
My reaction: exclaim "Holy s- word!"

Limerick #2 (Playa Schenley Plaza)

Perhaps I should not try to preach,
And it isn't my place to beseech,
But bikinis and towels
Seem to me a bit foul
In a park miles away from a beach.

Limerick #3 (Diplodocus Carnegii)

With his long, graceful neck, you could see,
What his monstrous attraction might be,
Though, he makes me forlorn,
With accessories worn,
That dino's dressed better than me!

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