Monday, August 24, 2009

The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.

I got in a bloggy mood tonight, seizing the opportunity of being home alone tonight to post the pictures from our trip that I promised so long ago. Nevertheless, as luck would have it, our finicky internet connection has decided that today is not a good day for me to catch up on blogging--at least not where there are photographs involved.

So, our current life in a nutshell:

*Andy got a job! A "real" job, working at Honda in the financial department. He starts Wednesday.
*Seminary starts on Wednesday, too! I'm really excited this year, and especially curious to find out who will be in my class.
*I love my job. It's really rewarding, and I feel glad to be doing something that I feel is making a difference in someone's life.
*This is my first semester of un-enrollment, and I feel strangely disconnected from anything that has anything to do with school. The fact that people are out buying notebooks and texts and highlighters and swearing that they won't procrastinate this semester seems to foreign to me.

I guess those are the highlights, though I could go on at length on any number of topics right now. We are so blessed, and so overwhelmed by all that is happening in our lives right now. It's not all easy, and we have had our struggles, but these past two or three months especially have been a testimony to the fact that we are never alone in those struggles.