Monday, June 4, 2012


I guess we still have a blog.  And I also guess that I have news to post thereupon:


I will be teaching preschool music in Frisco, Texas.  Full-time.  Crazy stuff.

It means leaving the position I have loved so dearly, the families that I have grown to love so much, and the wonderful, beautiful friends that I have made.  It makes me really sad in a lot of ways.  Pittsburgh is a great place.  I'll miss it terribly.

However, the choice to take the job came down to the fact that this will get me to where I want to be in the next chapter of my life.  It isn't precisely where I want to be, but it will get me there.  Also, it puts me in the same zip code as Andy, and a month and a half earlier than planned--a huge plus.

My emotions are very complex.  I'm at once heartbroken and excited.  Terrified and confident.  Relieved and entirely stressed out.  The transition stings. (I still haven't told my students--goodbyes terrify me.)

So, Andy signed our lease on Saturday.  We will be living in downtown Plano, right next to the DART rail station (hooray!).  It'll be a change for us to live in a very normal, white-wall, cookie-cutter apartment, and it will not be without its advantages (e.g., a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer in the apartment).  We're trying it on for size, as both of us seem to have an affinity to cute, quirky apartments.  We'll see how it feels to live in an apartment complex in the suburbs.

In other news, we adopted a kitty from our friend Zainab, whose name was Dudley until we changed it to Yunus, as an homage to my students at Prospect Park, as well as the lovely lady who handed him over to us.  I met him while I was in town over Memorial Day weekend, and he's super-cuddly and sweet.   It will be nice to be a forever-home to a kitty this time, since fostering kind of sucks.

Also, I learned how to hula hoop this weekend, for the first time in my life.

Needless to say, our lives are moving forward at warp speed.