Monday, May 9, 2011

Wrachel Rites (Day 7: Fifteen Minutes)

When I was in elementary school, they used to make us do writing exercises where we don't pre-write, don't edit, and just write whatever comes into our minds. It's really hard for me not to edit. I'm a self-editor. But, for today's activity, I'm just going to write for fifteen minutes, and see what comes out.

I was just doing some online shopping for "sundresses." I tried some on in Old Navy the other day, but they all looked like muumuus, and I felt ridiculous. Maybe I'm not the type of person who can wear those cute, flowy maxi dresses and still feel good about life. My husband keeps telling me I should buy things. Yes, that's true. Yellow heels (finally found those) and sundresses. And Chucks, he wants me to have some Converse. I have the best husband ever.

Not just because he is my fashion consultant. The other day, I came home from a hard day at work (well, I work in a high-stress environment, so every day is a hard day) to find that he had cleaned the apartment. Then he gave me a footrub. He stopped just shy of a pedicure, but only because I told him to stop. Why am I so lucky?

The sun is out today and it's a beautiful day. I feel like I haven't seen the blue sky in forever. I sun-bathed on our balcony today, which felt amazing. I love the sun.

We have some buttermilk in the fridge that needs to be used.

Do you know in Pittsburgh, people leave out that "to be" part of the phrase? They'll say something like,

"The dishwasher needs fixed."

Does that make sense? I suppose the infinitive is implied, but it feels weird to me. I hear that all the time here. Crazy Pittsburghers.

I haven't had a burger in years. I can't even remember the last time I had a real live hamburger. I was a vegetarian from the time I was 15 until a few months ago (I'm still a part-time vegetarian), but I don't really like beef, anyway. I had bacon for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and it totally changed my perception of life, though.

The couch I'm sitting on is probably ruining my back right now. In fact, I can feel it. All the springs are broken, and I feel like I'm only sitting about 6 inches off of the floor. But you sink in--and not in the "comfy couch" kind of way. This couch was in the apartment when we moved in. The previous renters must have been lazy, because they left this couch, AND a washer / dryer. I wish our refrigerator would break. It's from about 1980, and to be honest, I'm surprised it does still work. I think it probably increases our electricity bill by about 20% each month.

Anyway, I'm taking the Praxis II tomorrow. I'm going to be a teacher someday. I hope soon. Then I can have a job that doesn't make me want to cry.


(Note: sorry, I missed yesterday. I just . . . I don't know. Anyway, back on track!)


  1. When you wrote "Crazy Pittsburghers," it make me think of "hamburger." And then you wrote about hamburger!!

    I also like "Rexburgers." My brother and his whole family are "Rexburgers."

  2. Yay for Converse, amazing husbands, and YOU!