Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grad School Admissions: The Results

After months of waiting, we finally have all six admission decisions. I've been checking my e-mail inbox incessantly for the past week in anticipation for the final notice. It came in the mail yesterday.

So, what are our options? Well, it's come down to two:

1) The University of Pittsburgh School of Public and International Affairs
2) The University of North Texas Public Administration Program

In either case, I'd be going for a terminal Master's in Public Administration with a focus on nonprofit management.

Right now, it seems all but certain that Pittsburgh will win out. Though the programs are generally similar, U-Pitt (unfortunate nickname, I know) would put me a lot closer to the DC/NYC international aid and development scene.

If this becomes official, we'll most likely be relocating to the Keystone State around mid-July.

I have until April 15 to accept my scholarship package from Pittsburgh. We'll post our decision prior to that date.


Andy (yeah, I know I said I gave up blogging. I lied.)


  1. Pennsylvania's my home state! :) So my vote (which really means nothing) is for PA! And we just call it Pitt, which is at least a little better than U-Pitt. (Other Pennsylvania trivia: we're the only state that frequently refers to ourselves by the postal's half the syllables, I guess.)