Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wrachel Rites (Day 3: Haikus)

I'm not used to blogging every day! Almost forgot.

Haiku #1
Today we went out.
Andy is very corrupt;
He wants me to cheat.

Haiku #2
Andy isn't bad.
He just wanted to help me
By feeding me words.

Haiku #3
Today we went out.
Spanish food, and dinosaurs,
And cupcakes for us.

Haiku #4
Simon is our pet,
Though many would disapprove.
We feed him cupcakes.

Haiku #5
Washington, DC,
Is a nice place to call home,
Probably, we think.


  1. I wish someone would feed me cupcakes...

    Nice haikus, by the way!!

  2. I want cupcakes! Also, I love you and miss you. You should call Calgary home instead. Then I'd have a friend when we start calling Calgary home ourselves.