Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Day

As Andy doesn't get a Spring Break now that he's a grown-up with a real job, he decided to take one of his personal days so that we could hang out this past Monday. The rules were: no work (we almost succeeded, though each of us had some things that came up), just playing, and taking the time to do things we don't usually get to do.

The weather happily cooperated with us. On our agenda: sleeping in, eating a good breakfast, going to buy supplies for our first garden and subsequently gardening, cleaning up, visiting nearby town of Ponder, getting a picnic lunch, going for a walk, to Recycled Books, and then home for dinner, and a movie with popcorn. A full day, but a delightful one.

I look like half of American Gothic.

Andy, toiling over the land and our cute little tomato plants, given us by our lovely landlords.

Carefully reading the seed packet instructions. "Put in dirt and add water."

Just kidding.

I know the Road to Nowhere is in Alaska, but tell me this doesn't make you think . . .

One of the highlights from our trek to Ponder: the Ponder Water Tower.

I have always been grateful for the fact that Andy and I both like the simple pleasures of life, and for the fact that all we need to have a perfect date is a sack lunch ($5 footlong?) and a picnic table in a park on a sunny day. It was lovely to have a whole day to spend with the boy that I love.
Hooray Spring!


  1. Sounds divine. Glad you got a day together.

  2. This is so similar to last weekend with Sam--we split a footlong sub, picnicking by a pond, went birdwatching, and then bought tomato plants and herbs for our porch garden. Simple pleasures are the best.