Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I love UNT

Today was University Day. I have no idea what this means, except that there were all kinds of booths and stuff in the courtyard this afternoon, and I got a free box lunch. Being vegetarian usually means one of two things when a box lunch is involved:

1. Most often, there will be a selection of meaty sub sandwiches. I get to choose the least invasive lunchmeat (usually ham, because it picks off in one piece) and carefully de-meat-ify my sandwich.

2. If I'm lucky, there may be a handful of cheese sandwiches, or perhaps some PB&J's.

If I were at BYU, I can almost guarantee that there wouldn't be much attention to the veggies. I would have been picking off my ham and feeding it to the birds (or something). I was pleasantly surprised to walk up to the table where it was announced that there was ham, turkey, and vegetarian lunches--and they even had a good stock of the veggie ones.

Upon opening my lunch, I was also impressed by the fact that they enclosed the lettuce and tomato in a separate baggie, in order to eliminate sandwich sog. I was somewhat saddened to see that there was no cheese on my sandwich, but proceeded to construct my lettuce and tomato sub.

My first bite was surprising. Apparently, they had sneakily put in some hummus into my sandwich! It blended in with the whole wheat bread, so I didn't notice it. I love hummus. It was the best veggie box lunch I have ever eaten.

Thank you, UNT. It's the little things like a hummus box lunch that make my day.


  1. I love hummus! I think Kyler and I will make some this week, eat it, and be happy.