Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome 2013

So, 2012 was yet another hyper-eventful year in our existence.  One year ago, we were geared up for Andy's last semester in grad school, with no idea what was ahead, or where on earth we might end up in the months that were to come.  In February, Andy got the call about his current job at the IRC, and word that they'd like for him to start in March.  Since he wouldn't graduate until April, this created a need for some finagling of coursework.  He talked to his professors, who (some more begrudgingly than others) agreed to let him finish his last semester via correspondence while living in Dallas to start his new job.  

I, on the other hand, wanted to finish out my commitments at Prospect Park, the place I love so dearly, in Pittsburgh.  So, we spent the next three months living a half a continent away from one another.  It was difficult. We talked every night, we Skyped a couple of times (though I found it actually made me miss him more, so we didn't do it too often), we scheduled a few visits back and forth.  Meanwhile, I was applying for work in DFW.  

In late May, I got a call back about a job I'd applied for.  It was a perfect fit--full-time, in my field, not too far . . . except they wanted me to start before the end of my term at Prospect Park.  Boo.  After more than a few teary conversations with Andy, we agreed that we should just go for it.  I reluctantly gave up  my post, I started packing up our tiny attic apartment, and Andy flew out to help me drive back home

With my students on my last day at Prospect Park.  

Putting our lives in so many boxes . . . 

Not too soon after, my full-time work turned into part-time work, and I took another part-time job at an After School program, working with mostly refugee and immigrant kids in Kindergarten and 1st grade. I loved it.  It reminded me a bit of Prospect Park, fulfilling a need to connect with children who have not been quite as blessed as the kids I was serving at my first job.  It awakened in me my sense of fulfillment.  Eventually, I stepped away from the first job and held only to the second.  

In the midst of all this work transition, I peed on a stick and it said a thing: Pregnant.  New chapter.  I didn't believe it.  Could it be true? I peed on a few more sticks, and they all said the same.  As soon as I was working only one job, I made the appointment with the OBGYN.  I suppose it hit me when we saw the little Nugget squirming around on the ultrasound, and then heard its little heartbeat.  It was true.  There is a baby inside me.  

This year, we also took our first camping trip together.  We went kayaking. We went to concerts. We saw the Dallas Opera perform the Marriage of Figaro in a simulcast from the new Cowboys Stadium.  We had three Christmases.  We laughed a lot.  We cried some.  We ran a 5k. We lost 20 lbs. combined. We found out Andy is related to a legendary mountain man who killed cougars and ate them to acquire their feline powers.  It's been a good year.

Oh, you know . . . just going to the Opera, in jeans.  While eating hot dogs and nachos. 

Plano Balloon Festival 5k.  Woohoo! 

Also, I painted THIS awesome thing.  Who knew I could paint?

So, we concluded 2012.  We are very grateful to be in this special time in our lives surrounded by friends and family.  Will 2013 be awesome too?  Yes, I think it will.   

Cheers, and happy new year! 

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