Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam

This past weekend, we took a retreat to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, Oklahoma. Despite the cold (overnight low was 30F) and the wind (gusts up to 35mph), we still managed to have a great time on our first camping trip together.  Looks like we'll need to buy a tent after all!

 Our little home away from home.  Thanks, Travis, for letting us borrow your tent!  

Our lovely campfire.  Since neither of us had really built a campfire before, this was a big accomplishment. Nice and warm, too! 

 We hiked Elk Mountain while we were there.  It was cold and really windy at the top, and I didn't want to fall off the mountain, so we didn't stay too long up there. 

Feeling hardcore as a pregnant lady who just camped in sub-freezing temperatures, and then climbed a (n admittedly puny) mountain. 

Us at the summit.  The day cleared up quite nicely, despite that it was quite foggy when we woke. 

Meet Buffy, our new friend.  She wouldn't come home with us, though. :-(  This photo was taken earlier in the day than our hiking photos, so you can see how foggy it was before. 

Prairie Dog Town--not to be missed!  They're so cute and chubby.  We wanted to take one of these home, too.  His name is Sgt. Pickles McGee.  

We also saw and / or heard a flock of wild turkeys, a pack of coyotes, some ducks, some migrating Canada geese, a cute little bunny, and some Texas longhorns (the animals, not the UT fans).  It's a great little haven, if you get a chance!  

So who's coming with on our next trip??

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