Thursday, June 2, 2011


I posted almost every day, until I didn't post anymore. Then I just gave up. I figured it wasn't worth pretending--didn't want anyone to think I was actually trying anymore. This might be typical of me in other areas of my life . . .

A few random thoughts for the day:

1. Driving over Pittsburgh's plentiful potholes is more pleasurable when you have a plethora of tambourines in the back seat of your car.

2. I saw some lawn service guys in orange shirts today, and it made me miss Denton.

3. I am a total fair-weather fan, but GO MAVS! Our wonderful neighbors gave us a TV a while back, and I hadn't had very much interest in hooking it all up until the NBA Finals started. So, tonight, I finally figured it all out, and got the TV working . . . only to discover that ABC (the channel carrying the Finals) is the ONLY station not to come through on our rabbit ears. Sigh.

4. Last night, I dreamed that Lady Gaga and I went to the abortion clinic together. (Don't worry: I'm not pregnant, and if I were, that is not the course of action I would choose. I don't want to invite any tirades onto my blog, but that's what happened in my dream.) I learned a few things about Lady Gaga: (1) her given name is Sutton, and (2) she has had many abortions before. Apparently, too, at the abortion clinic, they grade you (Lady Gaga was a Z-, which I'm guessing is pretty bad).

5. If anyone has any old VHS to unload, send them my way. I work PT at a nursing home in the dementia unit, and one of my new favorite pastimes is seeing their reactions to different films. I figure none of you probably want to hang onto your old VHS tapes, but if you have DVDs, that would also be welcome.

Some past reviews:

*Dr. Doolittle (Eddie Murphy, 1998)--very well received.
*101 Dalmations (Glenn Close, 1996)--residents were cussing at the bumbling henchmen, and cheered when they got their comeuppance.
*My Best Friend's Wedding(Julia Roberts, 1997)--"That was just crappy."
*Big (Tom Hanks, 1988)--"Very poignant."


  1. E-mail me your addy, I have a plethora of movies to send your way!

  2. Ok, I was going to comment on the tambourines first, but the movie reactions were just hilarious. I love that Big is "poignant." Old people are the best. Old people with dementia are even better--they have the funniest stories.