Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bad Rachel Day

When I was in elementary school, I had a music teacher named Mrs. Gallian. When someone was misbehaving in class, she would send them to sit with the "Jaguar" (the Jaguar was our school mascot, although the "Jaguar" was actually a Garfield doll, wearing a school T-shirt) in the back corner of the room. After a certain time, the student could raise his or her hand, and ask, "Can the 'Good _______' come back?," the answer to which was almost certainly in the affirmative, and they were invited to return and sit with the rest of the class.

The Bad Rachel feels like the world owes her something. She feels like she's the exception to the rule. She feels like she's much better than she actually is, on all counts. She's a better employee, a better friend, and even better looking. She doesn't like other people very much--in fact, she often resents them, especially if they're happy and successful, or if they want something from her. She compensates for the fact that she feels they're all looking down at her by looking down at them. Sometimes she has to stretch a little, but she can almost always find some way to make herself superior to any other human being.

Can the "Good Rachel" come back?


  1. It's called PMS, it's normal. ;)

  2. I hear ya--I totally do the same thing and then wonder why. And I love that memory from your childhood. I was thinking at first that that was a little mean to make little kids sit next to a scary jaguar, but I'm guessing the Garfield jaguar wasn't too threatening.

  3. The Bad Rachel? I think that's the learning and growing Rachel. It's the honest Rachel that recognizes those things, and I truly believe that if you can articulate it, then you are capable of changing it if you really want to.

    I think you're the amazing Rachel!!