Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a Mormon

I'm a Mormon.

I've been sitting on this profile for a while, and it's been "pending approval" for months. This made me feel uncomfortable, for several reasons:

1. Does that mean I'm not a good enough Mormon to go on display? They don't want to claim me??

2. What about me is wrong? Am I living a life inconsistent with what I believe without even knowing it?

3. Do I want to be a part of a church that doesn't think I'm worthy of their ad campaign?

I logged back on today, made a few minor adjustments, and it turns out that it's all okay. Hooray! Now, maybe I can go and add some more "interesting" bits in there . . .


  1. I completely understand! I am still waiting! Any tips as to what I can do to get mine approved? It drives me crazy. It almost makes me feel insecure in everything I wrote for the profile :(

  2. Mine is still pending, but I don't think that is any surprise there because I am very sketchy.

    I just want to be a legitimate Mormon by having a profile.

  3. Sarah--I just made sure my photo was uploaded correctly, then took out some jargony stuff (ward, stake, LDS, etc.). That seemed to work for me.

    CaVincent--I bet it's because you got kicked out of BYU.