Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it Snow x3

We arise this morning to a beautiful, white blanket of snow covering all of the land around our apartment. It is one of those mornings that can only be made more beautiful by the addition of those two little words:


Andy was supposed to have class today, as well as a work meeting on campus, but thanks to the snow, he was relieved of those responsibilities.

This has been the snowiest winter I have ever seen in Texas. We actually had enough snow to make a snowman, without using any snow from the car, or anything that had grass in it, AND we still had plenty leftover. Here's what we made:

Unfortunately, in order to see our awesome snowman, the camera operator had to step wayyyy back, so you can't really tell it's us. I assure you, it is.

The other news from ol' D-town is that Dr. Gretchen Bataille, President of the University of North Texas, is resigning. Suddenly. In the middle of the semester. And no one is saying why--at least anyone who knows anything. All's I know is: somethin' ain't right.

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