Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Balentimes Day!

Today was one for the books.

Woke up for work. Delayed departure due to adverse driving conditions. Departure further delayed by a car that wouldn't start. Dug the "other" car out from under the snow, took the bumpy, icy back roads to work.

At work, attempted to make two days' worth of visits in one day. Discovered that Bingo chips were missing--had to improvise another solution. Day was made more interesting by a woman who seemed to think we were still in the Cold War, a child who seemed to think that I was her babysitter, a fire drill, and (later in the day) an actual fire. This amounted to me leaving work at about 5:40 instead of 4:00, which is my usual time of departure on a Saturday.

Little did I know that in the midst of all of this, my sweet Andy was outside with a tuba-euphonium ensemble, waiting graciously for me to arrive. He actually managed to surprise me this time, and I started cracking up as soon as I saw the four of them in the driveway, and began crying as they started to play. This was the result of an off-hand comment made a couple years ago-- Andy's a really good listener. Cute, too. :-)

Went grocery shopping, which wouldn't make the blog except for the Blue Bell being on sale for $2.99. Then returned home to eat dinner, bake a cheesecake, and prepare some dough for homemade cinnamon swirl bread. It's now 2:00am and sleep is close around the corner. Thankfully.


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