Thursday, June 4, 2009

There is no "I" in "TEAM"

Have you ever tried to write anything without using the word "I" or "me"? They say it's bad practice to use those words very often, especially when writing formal pieces (articles, essays, resumes, etc.), but what about eliminating them from even informal writing, like the blog? Sometimes, it's good to take a challenge, if only just for fun. This particular challenge is much more difficult than it seems. After all, blogs are, by their very nature, self-centered. In fact, most all conversations are quite self-centered. One person rarely communicates with another without seeking to express his or her own opinions, or to have some other personal need met.

Interestingly, and however contrary to the truth, not including oneself in a blog seems incredibly limiting. There are infinite possibilities of things to blog about--things that are happening all around the world at this very moment--yet, the only lens through which a writer can see the world is that of his or her own eyes. Let this be a lesson: there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion.

This breeds questions of reality versus perception. The two are not necessarily the same, though they definitely influence one another, and cannot really be distinguished from one another (either by oneself or by anyone else)--perhaps indicated by America's fascination with "Reality" TV (which is anything but). It is all about perception.

Perhaps this is a different way of thinking. It's a more challenging way to think, because it is far easier to accept one's own perceptions as truth, as reality. But perhaps with expanding the idea of what is "real" comes a depth of experience previously unimagined. There is more "reality" around us than we believe!

It could be that our inability to see "things as they really are" is truly what separates us from God.

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  1. A very poignant observation as noted by the general public. Studies might conclusively confirm this astute analysis of our relationship to the blogosphere.