Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our new arrival

Life in an amazing thing. It surrounds us, and as a consequence, can be easily taken for granted. We had a new arrival not too long ago. So tiny, so fragile, yet full of potential limited one by one's capacity of imagination. What a blessing. I'm so excited for the others that will come with time. Hopefully they'll all be as juicy and utterly delicious...

If there's one thing I love, its a good tomato. This was the first of what's been about 15 or so edible cherry and grape tomatoes. about 7-10 others have fallen victim to a variety of peculiar-looking insects. We're trying the "no pesticide" method, our version anyway. Neither of us are what you might call seasoned gardeners, or gardeners at all for that matter. We're learning though, and for the moment, enjoying the fruits of our labors. No pun intended.

I'd like to keep this gardening thing up, not just because of the delectable culinary possibilities, but for the interaction with nature the likes of which I have never experienced. There's just something about knowing where your food comes from that is at ones reassuring and awe-inspiring and beautiful.


  1. Oh yum. We don't have ANY yet, but when we do, I will get a plastic bowl that will float in the pool, and I fill it up, and I lay on my floatie bed and eat my floating tomatoes. Summer heaven.

  2. I will learn to like gardening someday!

  3. That is so hilarious. We have our first cherry tomatoes too! We haven't been brave enough to eat them yet. It just seems to wrong to interfere with the circle of life.