Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, Crap.

Oh, Crap Moment #1
Um, I'm taking the GRE tomorrow.  Do people usually study for this?  I mean, I've had the book in my possession for a while, does that count?? I even opened it up once!

Oh, Crap Moment #2
Andy and I will be running a 5k this weekend.  It snuck up on us.  It was going to be a quick-train, but somehow starting a new FT position has worn me out to the point of not training very much at all.  Whoops.


  1. When I was considering doctorate programs, I pretty much eliminated any that required the GRE. Good luck (you're probably taking it right now)--that test scares me! And good luck with the 5K--I have a goal to do one within a year, but I'm not so sure I'll get the training in that I need.

  2. Good luck on the GRE!! I'm sure you'll do GREAT!!

  3. I kind of studied... and by that, I mean I reviewed the math section a little. And now I haven't done anything with it, so it was probably a waste, but... I have a beautiful baby instead.