Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big Announcement

Well, folks, it has finally happened!

Oh, wait. Wrong picture. (But you should check out these other great cakewrecks.)

Sorry, folks, that's not the announcement I'm making--at least not today.


I am officially moving on.

Yesterday morning, I accepted an offer to teach Early Childhood Education (under the age of 5) through AmeriCorps and the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council in a community of refugees and immigrants just outside of Pittsburgh. Despite the fact that I don't start until September 6, I promptly put in my notice at my current place of work.

Hooray for steady income! And even though it's a "modest living stipend," it's significantly more than what I'm making right now. And while I'll be working more hours, I will have a blessed, regular schedule. This means that instead of having seven possible work days in a week (and sometimes working all seven of them with no day off), I will have five like a normal person! Weekends off (I haven't been to a full 3-hour church block since May--you mean I can go now)?! Holidays too?!?!! What an amazing stroke of luck.

Not to mention that it's in a field of interest for me, instead of . . . well, a field of disinterest. Maybe I haven't told most of you this, but I'm looking to transition into teaching as a career. I've been taking my Praxis exams, applying for work-study fellowships (I've got an interview with one later this month!!!!), and exploring my options of ways to reach my ultimate goal. I feel more optimistic right now than I remember feeling in a long time.

Life is good. I am excited to have something in my life again that I can pour myself into. I've spent the past few months coming home from work just trying to forget about my day, and I'm looking forward to a change.

Thoughts? Advice? Anyone?


  1. Don't let them tie you up. Good luck.

  2. Congratulations!!! That's awesome news. And that cake wreck--oh goodness gracious :)

  3. Congrats!! That's so exciting!

  4. How awesome! Even if you're not having a baby :) I am excited for you to go into teaching. That's something I have heavily considered. In fact, so much so, that I planned on it and started classes for it. After learning more about our currect educational structure, I got discouraged, but its still a possibility I am considering after my art degree. I want to teach secondary art. And, they all say if you are getting certified in an elective, make sure you certify in another english/science/math, etc., to ensure job availability. They say that with the caveat, "Oh ya, you'll never teach what you actual want to." But I am darn-tootin gung-ho about secondary art if I teach, so i don't think I'll take "no" for an answer (I might just have to take "no interview" for an answer). I am happy to see you want to teach though, and don't let me sound droll :) What age do you want to teach?

  5. That's super exciting. It's never good when you're in a job you don't love. Hopefully this is a good stepping-stone for where you want to end up ultimately.

  6. Good luck! It's going to be very hard work, but I know you'll be great! Also, I love you truly, madly, deeply. And I miss you.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Yes, I'm definitely taking it one step at a time, and not taking the easy route. The fellowships I'm applying for are for high-needs schools, doing general elementary education, early education, or possibly English Language Learning (especially as the latter two are areas of high need). My ultimate goal is to be teaching general elementary music and / or strings (maybe even in a bilingual setting), but since those jobs are harder to come by, I'm following the same advice given to Frankiepoo and going as wide as possible before narrowing in. I'm ready for a challenge--and more than anything, I'm ready for a challenge that means something to me!

    Thanks for all your love and support--I love you all!

  8. Sorry I'm so far behind....

    LOVE the Cake of my favorites!

    And what an exciting opportunity for you! I think you'll make a really wonderful teacher. I wish you the very best of luck as you pursue this new path!