Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's Job Search

Imagine that you've finally been starting to have some success on the job search front. Imagine then, that you see a job that, while not absolutely perfect, would definitely be something you would like to do, and are well-qualified to do (i.e., the only thing that keeps it from being the perfect job is the fact that it is part-time, not full-time).

Now. Imagine that you saw the job posting two days after the prospective employers have closed the applications. AND that they have a rather annoying online application process that automatically removes job postings as they close, and expressly say, "No paper applications will be accepted, you must apply using our database."

I'm still trying to get in the back door, but MAN. This annoys me. How do I still get my application in, without it just ending up in the recycling bin??? Should I just mail it anyway??


  1. So, any luck? And I know I'm a little late, but you should definitely mail it in.

  2. Yeah! Mail it in! Or even better, show up at the office dressed for an interview and try to give it to whoever is going read it directly. I've gotten an interview (and a job a few years ago) that way--I ignored the request to submit a resume online and just showed up at the office with my portfolio. I got a long interview on the spot! Can't say I got the job, but I can say I got a lot further than the hundreds of people who e-mailed their resumes in. Be bold! Be direct! Go for it!

  3. Hi Rachie! Any updates on the job search front? I hope you've had some success. I think doing what Lizzy said is a great idea. I would have given that person an interview, and probably given them some good brownie points when I discussed the interview with the vice pres.