Saturday, May 8, 2010


Remember this post?

Well, we just got back in from a lovely Saturday morning run, on a perfect running day (sunny, 67 degrees, breezy).

Now, I feel the need to set the record straight a bit here. We are baby runners. Our 10k was completed mostly walking--thanks to the one of us whose longer hair weighs us down (wind resistance, you know). In preparation for the 10k, we "trained," which consisted mostly of me complaining and Andy trying to get me to run.

Things have gotten better, though, ever since we started on one of those walk-to-run plans. I've never been a runner, nor have I been athletically inclined in the faintest, so this seemed just at my threshold of ability. We started on Week 1 running just one minute at a time, and now it's Week 7, and we're doing six! For me, that is huge. By the end of June, we should be running a full 30 minutes, which would be monumental. As I said, I've never been a good runner.

So, this is the blessing of setting goals. We were talking about it a few days ago, and our whole running stint started on somewhat of a whim, with an UNrealistic goal to run a half-marathon in a few short months. However, in setting that goal, we landed on an ACHIEVABLE goal. As the cliché goes, "Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." We're still gonna do those 13.1 miles, but it may take us a little longer--and that's okay. I'm just proud for having made the progress we have. :-)

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  1. Way to be dedicated! That's the hard part for me. Good luck with getting to the 13.1!