Monday, July 6, 2009

I suck . . .

. . . at finding work.

I would like to blame it on the economy, but I am pretty sure that it has less to do with the economy and more to do with the fact that I am not altogether very qualified to do very many things. And the longer it takes for me to find something, and the more resumes and applications I put in without hearing a word back, the less I believe myself to be employable.

But, as my senior English teacher wisely told us: "You can always fall back on liquor and prostitution!"


I don't see anything for either of THOSE career paths in the help-wanted ads. Maybe, in THIS economy, even my fallbacks aren't as certain as they should be.

1 comment:

  1. I hear you. I got really depressed for a while when I was looking for a job, I felt like I wasn't pulling my weight in our marriage and that I was just not wanted by anyone. Eventually it worked out, though...
    And, I love you. Madly. Truly? Deeply? Only time will tell.